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Agnostic Front - Rock Star Boots

hardcore's founding fathers Agnostic Front signed up a classic UK made 8 eye Dr. Martens for us when they played the Oriental this week. a bad ass boot for the collection! we couldn't think of a better band to have a boot autographed from considering their iconic logo.

Agnostic Front - September 2008

When hardcore's founding father Agnostic Front's Roger Miret came to the shop.  We set him up with a sweet pair of doc's.. He was out on the road with his band  The Disasters

Roger Miret & the Disasters - Viva Hate - September 2008

Roger Miret and the Disasters came to the shop back in the day, it was cool to meet such a legend, he is considered hardcore's founding father fronting Agnostic Front - they were out on the road with Viva Hate