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My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult & Lords of Acid - July 2010

this day was 'kooler than jesus'  Thrill Kill & the Lords were out on tour together, they ALL stopped in before their "Sextreme Ball" at the Ogden, what can say, Groovie Mann was groovie, Sin was sinful Levi was Levi!  along with Murv Douglas and Lacey Sculls.  We traded a few pair of Doc's and TUK creepers for tickets.  Both bands have been in many times before, it was good to have them back in

Lords of Acid - Dr. Marten Vespa

What can I say, they liked our Custom 1965 Dr. Martens Vespa!  Dr. Martens did 16 promotional scooters, they had this Vespa Sprint painted up just for us back in 1997, we still have it at our shop.

Lords of Acid - October 2000

the second time through!  this time with Praga Khan! - just as wild, just as much fun!

Lords of Acid - Signature Wall

Lords of Acid famous 'last words' on the Wall of Fame - "Do Not Shop On Acid"

Lords of Acid - November 1997

- Lords of Acid - November, 1997 this was our first experience with an in store CD signing, having a band come in on a promotional visit. They were out on tour promoting their 'Our Little Secret' CD   We had a line out the door and had a great time. 

Lords of Acid - Jade 4U

 The Lords of Acid came with Jade 4U ( a.k.a. Darling Nikkie ) and her husband, they had just recently married and were sporting freshly tattooed 'rings' on their fingers ( a bold move back then ) the band stocked up on Dr. Martens      

Lords of Acid - Signature Wall

the Lords of Acid on the Rock Star Wall at the old shop on 13th avenue

Lords of Acid & Pam

Pam ( owner of FashioNation ) & Nikkie (aka Jade 4U) hit it off well!  Nikkie loved Pam's style and bought the exact Lip Service outfit she had on.  Pam gave her a deal on it with the 1 exception that she couldn't wear it on stage for the Denver show - cuz Pam was going to rock it that night!

Lords of Acid - Rock Star Boot

The Lords of Acid signed up this Dr. Marten 1460 8 eye boot while out on tour supporting 'Our Little Secret' CD,  Nikkie Van Lierop (AKA Jade 4U) and Praga khan