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Psychic TV - December 2015

This was a big moment for our shop.  Genesis Breyer P-Orridge from what could be called the first industrial band 'Throbbing Gristle' and then from Psychic TV came to FashioNation for a RARE record signing/meet & greet.  

Lone Wolf!

Longtime friend of our shop Airick Redwolf, Genesis and a wolfpack from Kansas City out front of our store.  Something amongst TOPY folk. The Wolf represents Pack, Loyalty, Bond, Family, different levels of a unit/community all working together

Psychic Autograph

So may turned out for the signing, (Genesis with friend of the shop, Cozmos Mudwulf)  The band brought along some limited edition posters and records for the signing

Topy Cross

Once tagged all over Capitol Hill the Topy Cross was at our front door threshold when we first opened back in 1987.  We copied it and repainted it over the years, when we moved to the new location obviously it had to come too!

Psychic TV - Rock Star Boot

Psychedelic soul for the boot collection!