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Peter Hook - Rock Star Boot

At the end of our cool day with Peter Hook & The Light, after the show back stage, Peter took off his boots and put on his new Dr Marten's he got from our shop. He then signed them and gave them to us for our Rock Star Boot Collection!  Peter said he's done over 150 shows with them - that's some Rock Star boots right there!

Danzig - Rock Star Boot

12 years ago Danzig came to the shop, we had the band sign up this customer worn boot for our Rock Star Boot Collection. we took the boot with us to the show to have the last member sign it but it disappeared from backstage.. just last week it was returned to us thankfully by an old friend of the shop.. the boot gods are happy now!

She Past Away - Rock Star Boot

another sweet customer worn boot signed for our Rock Star Boot collection 

CombieChrist - Rock Star Boot

Combichrist was in last week, they all signed up a customer worn "out" old Gripfast boot for our Rock Star Boot Collection - from Tami Thanks!

Christian Death - Rock Star Boot

Pennywise - Rock Star Boot

we got to spend a killer day (and night) with Pennywise. Fletcher, Byron & Randy stopped in the shop for boots and signed this customer worn old 1460 Dr. Martens for the collection! - gunna love this boot for a long time

Howard Jones - Rock Star Boot

this is the third time I got to Dj the open for Howard Jones over the years. This time at The Oriental Theater. His sold out show rocked Saturday night and after, we got him to autograph this old Dr. Martens 8 eye for the shops boot collection and a few of his records!

The Untouchables - Rock Star Boot

The Untouchables - Los Angeles Jerry and the gang did a meet & greet at the shop this week before their show at The Oriental Theater.  the boys all signed up this classic 'Made in the UK' 8 eye Dr. Martens left to us by good friend of the shop Leo Cassil.  These boots were well loved for 4 years every day - he said he was returning them to "Valhalla" (Norse Mythology where those who have died in battle/war go to)  I kind of liked that..

Gene Loves Jezebel - Rock Star Boot

we got to go see and meet up with both brothers in the last few months, crazy, we've followed them since the early 80’s with their hit songs Heartache and Desire.  Jay signed up this super old Tred-Air boot we had at the shop from way back in the day.  He gave us a "burn burn burn" lyric on the toe from 'Twenty Killer Hurts' one of our favorite songs from the band!  And just recently we got Michael hit it up as well

Agnostic Front - Rock Star Boots

hardcore's founding fathers Agnostic Front signed up a classic UK made 8 eye Dr. Martens for us when they played the Oriental this week. a bad ass boot for the collection! we couldn't think of a better band to have a boot autographed from considering their iconic logo.