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The Psychedelic Furs - June 2013

The Furs come to Denver often and we were finally lucky enough to get them in the shop after years of trying! Tim Butler, Paul Garisto, Mars Williams, Rich Good & Amanda Kramer all stopped in before their show at the Gothic  

No Easy Street!

This was insanely huge!  When the Furs came to the shop they pulled up in their tour bus! When the driver was going to try to park it i told him to hold on, there was a Comcast truck on the street and we took the traffic cones off the truck and put them around the bus.  It looked like they were supposed to be there.  We blocked traffic during rush hour and know one was the wiser!

Signatures & Autographs = Sharpies & Marks-A-Lot!

Tim Butler & Paul Garisto signed up all our vinyl records

DM's for the Band!

Dr. Martens gave us the OK to set the band up with their boots.  We got'em all squared away with classic Doc's.  Tim Butler, Paul Garisto and Mars Williams were a blast, Richard Butler was a no-show though... he didn't come off the bus :(  The Furs took the whole crew to show that night!