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Front 242 - April 2018

Backstage at the Summit Music Hall with Front 242 - we set the band up with a pair of Dr. Martens that they signed. The band is donating the boots to a charity auction in Chicago at the Cold Waves  festival

Revolting Cocks - Rock Star Boot

The Revolting Cocks Boot, this one in the collections is kind'a cool. It has bad ass Chris Connelly & Paul Barker also all the guys from the later Revco version of the band.  Richard 23 (also in Front 242) was the last to sign this, he blasted a sweet "No Devotion" autograph, and that just rocks! and now - just added Martin Atkins

Front 242 - November 2005

The boys from Belgium - Industrial music Gods, here in Denver at our shop!!! What a day!  Daniel Bressanutti, Richard Jonckheere, Patrick Codenys, Jean-Luc De Meyer.  We got them to stop by before their show at the Ogden.  We set the band up with Dr. Martens and they set us all of us up for the concert (which kicked ass!)

Welcome to Paradise - Richard 23 & Patrick Codenys

A little Revolting Cocks` Front 242 crossover, this was really cool.  Running late the boys didn't come in with the rest of the band, but dropped in just before close.  i think we'll stay open for them ;)  Founding member of Revco, Richard 23 signed up all our Revolting Cocks records, and the rest of the boys knocked out autographs on all our Front 242 vinyl

Front 242 - Signature Wall

When the band was signing our wall, i forgot I had from Teletunes a Promo can of BiGod 20 "Bog soup"  Jean-Luc De Me was happy to serve up an autograph.  There is Laibach's signing on the wall too, forgot to post that one :)

Front 242 - Rock Star Boot

An Underground soul for our collection! this time it's autographs from Front 242 on our 8 Eyelet boot!