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Bad Religion - March 2015

great great guys! I wish they were my next door neighbors, you could drink beer with them in the alley, borrow their rake and not return it, play the stereo to loud and they wouldn't get pissed.. those type of guys.. and did i mention they Rock too! (with store kids jamie & Tina)      

Looking good on stage!

I sent them a note on Fb and invited them in for some TUK creepers, to my surprise Brian Baker ( guitarist) said they always hit 13th ave when they are in Denver, he said they have come to the shop a bunch of times and they would make their way over to our new location. We hooked Brett Gurewitz up with a classic white lace TUK creepers and he totally rocked them on stage at the sold out Ogden theatre that night.

Bad Religion - Signature Wall


Bad religion - Rock Star Boot

this was just a cool day, it felt like we've been on the same team for a long time...we got them they got us,  Brett Gurewitz  Brian Baker  Mike Dimkich all signed up this 15 eye boot from Steel.  Thanks guys, it was a pleasure to have you in.