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Rock Stars at FashioNation

This page is dedicated to all the Bad Ass bands and visitors to our shop over the years.  There's been so many of them and there is so many stories.  I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and I hope you get a feeling of what this store and our story is all about, thanks for checking it out - paul    - Al Jourgensen - Ministry - We've had so many great times with Al Jourgensen and all the boys in Ministry.  They have come by the shop a bunch of times.   Here is our favorite photo from one of Al's past visits.

Romeo Void, Debora Iyall - Feburary 2024

A great day yesterday at the shop. Debora Iyall, of Romeo Void came in for a visit. She had a massive hit with 'Never Say Never' in the early 80's. This record has been in my record box every night since I started as a DJ back in 1983. When NsN came out was a different kind of song compared to the other New Wave tunes of the day, Debora founded & fronted this bad ass band and Romeo Void didn't give a fuck about what you thought, they were just going to play and i loved them for that - it was an honor to have her in

Pussy Riot - November 2023

Pussy Riot came to FashioNation today, they are a protest and performance art group from Russia,  we traded tickets for doc's - their show was at the Gothic Theatre and it was wild! alina, diana, masha & olga - Zhelayu vam vsem udachi, Spasibo za poseshcheniye

On Stage in our Boots!

Puyssy Riot wore our Dr martens on stage for their performance, it was incredible

podpisannyye botinki! = signed boots!

the black boot signed by the group is going to  The Museum of Post Punk and Industrial Music in Chicago

Signing the boots - Making their Mark!

signing boots for the collection

'It's Not A Band, It's A Movement'

Dr. Martens stepped up for the ladies, outfitted the group[

A Split Second - Rock Star Boot

Loved this band since we first heard them back in 1987 - we still play them in the shop all the time. Marc Ickx signed this old STEEL boot for us (and a bunch of records) before his show at Herman's Hideaway!  a cool addition to our Rock Star Boot Collection

Duran Duran - Rock Star Boot

"Sing blue silver" the newest boot to our collection and is so special. we've been fans of Duran Duran since the early 80's and like so many of you they're an all time favorite band, we play them almost every day at the shop. A friend at AEG took this boot to Red Rocks and had them sign it before their sold out shows in August. thank you AEG, i hope you realise how much we love it!

Gary Numan - Rock Star Boot

I went on a school field trip back in 1979 to the Planetarium, they did the stars & galaxy thing which was cool but at the end of the program they busted out a Laser show (which was still new back then) the person in charge changed my life that day when they did a Laser performance to 'Cars' by Gary Numan. That was it. I was done with conventional rock & roll, forever now on an alternative path to just about everything. the most identifiable moment in my life. - honored to have this signed boot in our collection