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Rock Stars at FashioNation

This page is dedicated to all the Bad Ass bands and visitors to our shop over the years.  There's been so many of them and there is so many stories.  I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and I hope you get a feeling of what this store and our story is all about, thanks for checking it out - paul    - Al Jourgensen - Ministry - We've had so many great times with Al Jourgensen and all the boys in Ministry.  They have come by the shop a bunch of times.   Here is our favorite photo from one of Al's past visits.

Echo & the Bunnymen - Rock Star Boot

a great night with Echo and the Bunnymen.  we traded Dr. Martens for tickets for the crew, got to spend time with Ian McCulloch after the show - we've had this boot signed by different member over the years, different times in the shop, but to get to hang with Ian and have him finish this off was special!

Killing Joke - Rock Star Boot

killer Post Punk band, Killing Joke: Official autographed this after their show at The Oriental Theater, they were cool to sign all our vinyl as well!!!  another Bad Ass boot for our collection!!this was my boot from the day,  it's a super rare size 10.5 Dr. Martens, in the 1990's we were able to special order half sizes, Dr. Martens let us get them but we were not allowed to advertise the half sizes. they may of had them in the UK, but in the USA this was unheard of..

Simple Minds - October 2018

A very special day And night with Simple Minds at FashioNation. An all time favorite band of ours and they lived up to and exceeded all our expectations. Thanks you guys, you're the best!

A 'Glittering Prize' from Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr wrote a cool review of our shop on their social media, pretty cool!!!! "SIMPLE MINDS LIVE IN DENVER ..on stage @ 8pm  Paul Italiano was a DJ - ing kid in Denver, back in those day when Simple Minds were first releasing music and touring North America. New Gold Dream, and then Sparkle In The Rain were his initial experience of our music, leading him to see SM live at the world famous Red Rocks, Colorado, in 1984.Soon after Paul was working his way back through our earlier work including Sons And Fascination, and Empires and Dance. Sooner again Paul and Pam ( who would later get married) decided to open a store - selling some clothes that Pam made. They then started focusing selling shoes with a rock n' roll vibe.  And although they started with almost no money, they soon had all manner of people beating a path to their door. A success story right there! All these years later Vixens + Angels is still going strong - perhaps one of the last great independents stores.https://www.vixensandangels.com Paul loves his music still, that was clear when we visited his store today. You can feel the love he has for music, fashion, and his city - Denver. That was apparent as we chatted while driving through the new cityscape that characterises Denver.  I certainly hope Simple Minds can equally show our love for what we do - tonight at the Paramount in Denver.  We hope that is the case with every show we do. Thanks to Paul and Pam. Thanks to all who are coming to see Simple Minds tonight in Denver."

Simple Minds - Rock Star Boot

Jim Kerr signed this boot up for our ROCK STAR boot collection and we could not be happier. We've been saving this 13 eye that WE designed for our 13th anniversary back in the day (embossed with our name).  An old customer brought this pair back to us, he wasn't going to wear them any longer and said they needed to 'come back home'

B-52's Kate Pierson September 2018

A fun chance meeting with Kate Pierson of the B-52's, we did a promotion for their at Fiddlers Green and we able to go to the Meet & Greet with the band, we spoke to Fred Schneider before hand and arranged to bring him a cool pair of shoes compliments of Dr. Martens. And... just in case you were wondering, yes - she still has " it "  the girl rocks!

B-52's - Rock Star Boot

We got Kate Pierson & Fred Schneider to sign this cool old Tred-Air 10 eye flame boot!  a "hot one' for the boot collection ;) O and Fred gave us a sweet "Dang" on his autograph, i can hear him saying that now!!

Tom Bailey Thompson Twins - September 2018

We did a promotion for Tom's show at Fiddlers Green & we got to say hello!.   A long time coming on this one, we've been following the Thompson Twins since '83 and to finally meet Tom was really cool! + He signed up "all my favorite records" ;)

Thompson Twins - Rock Star Boot

thanks Tom !