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Rock Stars at FashioNation

This page is dedicated to all the Bad Ass bands and visitors to our shop over the years.  There has been so many of them and there's so many stories.  I home you enjoy looking through the photos and I hope you get a feeling of what this store and our story is all about, thanks for looking - paul    - Al Jourgensen - Ministry - We've had so many great times with Al Jourgensen and all the boys in Ministry.  They have come by the shop a bunch of times.   Here is our favorite photo from one of Al's past visits.

Lisa Loeb - April 2017

Lisa Loeb at the shop today!!! - pretty dresses for a pretty girl and she was pretty rad!.  Lisa performed at the Soiled Dove that night, friend of the shop (Rhett) hooked us up with tickets for the show.   During the show, Lisa spoke about her day in Denver, meeting new friends seeing old ones, then she totally gave us a big shout out from stage, talked about this 'cool shop' she went to 'FashioNation', all the cool clothes, all the cool songs playing in the shop, (cure echo smiths). it was a great night out!

The Koffin Kats - April 2017

Vic on Upright Bass, Tommy Koffin on Guitar and “E Ball” on Drums! The Koffin Kats back at FashioNation!  They stopped in before their show at the Gothic, the boys have been in many times before, it was good to see them again.

The Koffin Kats - Rock Star Boot

Psychobilly signatures on this old Greasy 8 eye Dr. Marten from NaNa! thanks guys!

Ultravox - Visage - Midge Ure

We got to meet Midge Ure after his show at the Soiled Dove.  We did a ticket giveaway and they hooked us with a great time at the show. He's a big part of my record collection with all he's done with Ultravox and Visage

The Cure - Lol Tolhurst

This just happened, Lol Tolhurst was at the shop - From The Freaking CURE!!!  it was 'Just Like Heaven'.  He was in town promoting his new book, Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys, Lol was at the Tattered Cover book store and headed over to our shop for some shopping. 

Lol Tolhurst - Signature Wall

Lol Tolhurst signed a bunch of stuff for us including our Wall.  He gave us the sweet "best store" autograph - we'll take that!

The Cure Records

Lol Signed a bunch of our Vinyl!  All of our Cure albums and singles! including Japanese Whispers for our good friend Yvette at Lux De Ville

Lol Tolhurst on FashioNation Street

We set Lol up with some sweet Dr. Martens.  He said he had this pair back in the day and always wanted to replace them, go figure we had the exact pair and size for him.. we kind'a rock that way!

The Cure - Rock Star Boot

Founding member of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst signed this Super cool and incredibly rare harlequin 8 eye Dr. Marten for our collection.  He stopped in during his book tour for Cured: Two Imaginary boys.  The Doc 8 eye boot was brought back to us by a customer who purchased it back in the 1990's - he asked us to do something special with the pair, I can't think of anything more Bad Ass than this!