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The Damned - September 2019

the best quote from an already great day - "Those vegan Docs are the mutts nuts and no mistake. Cheers!"  Hanging out with The Damned - Captain Sensible  dropped us a line, he wanted some 3 eye vegan Dr. Martens for the rest of the tour, The Captain needed something besides the green con's he was rock'n.  We got him fixed up!

The Damned - Rock Star Boot

Smash it up! if you're going to have one of the Original Punk Bands sign a boot, it better be a steel toe!  The Damned did it up with style! Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible

The Damned - October 2001

Legendary day at the shop! The Damned were right there at the start of it all - scoring the first Punk single way back in '76 "new rose" and here they are at our shop! kick ass!

Patricia Morrison at the shop

ya, that Patricia Morrison, Bad Ass Bass player! - Gun Club - Sisters of Mercy.  She was with the Damned for a few years too.

Patricia Morrison - Signature wall

She was pretty Cool. Just the way she handled herself. I brought my Sisters of Mercy 12-inch single of 'This Corrosion' that she played on.  Patricia & Andrew Eldridge are on the cover of the record.   When I asked for an autograph, she said something like ' O great..' and then proceeded to draw a 'Hitler Mustache' on Andrew.  Like I said, she was pretty cool..

Captain Sensible - Right back at you!

TUK shoes set him up.  Rock stars have to get their creepers somewhere, where did you get yours? .. damn right!

The Damned - Captain Sensible

I brought one of Captain Sensible's solo records to the shop for an autograph.  From early '84 with Wot and Happy Talk, he said he hardly ever see's this record, ( i guess it's rare - thanks Wax Trax records).  The record also had Snakes & Ladders and Brenda, i told him i loved Brenda and he started singing it.. LOUD!, I blushed like a little girl.

Captian Sensible - Pam & Sydney

Captain Sensible, such a nice guy - just what you'd expect!

The Damned - Signature Wall

You know the old stories about vampires need to be invited in so they don't loose their power.. well,  Dave Vanian was a curious one. He was hanging outside the shop, he didn't come in with the others, i finally opened the door and invited him in and he blew in like a vampire greeting everyone he passed, he looked amazing in a beautiful dark suite.  Every time we went to take his picture he's be gone, - you know back in the day you had to check the flash, wind the film etc.. that few second , we're like 'where did he go?'  When he was ready to have his photo taken... he told us ...  Doug and I have been laughing about this for 16 years..

The Damned - Neat, Neat, Neat!

the gangs all here!  Captain Sensible, Patricia Morrison, Dave Vanian, Monty Oxymoron, Pinch.  We had a blast with the Damned!