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The Jesus and Mary Chain - May 2015

I've followed this band since 'You Trip Me Up' was released back in 1985.  Not in Nine Million Rainy Days did we think JAMC would walk through our door, but it happened.  A simple note on Facebook and there they were.  Out on tour supporting Psychocandy's 30th anniversary release, Jesus & Mary Chain were playing that night at the Ogden theatre.  We made a few phone calls and were able to set them up with a bunch of our best from Dr. Martens.

Far Gone and Out !

The boys in the band came in before their Sold Out show at the Ogden. It was rad to have the band show up to FashioNation!  Jim Reid, Brian Young, Mark Crozer, Phil King ( with store kids Lisa, Jamie, friends Cindy, Liam & Glen)

Jesus Loves you! - Signature Wall

Sold out show at the Ogden Theatre, JAMC came in for a visit and gave us a little love on our autograph wall!  All the gang signed up our door.  Jim Reid's 'Jesus Loves You' is one of my all time favorite autographs!

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Rock Star Boot

if you're going to have songs like ' the Hardest Walk & You Trip Me Up' - you need good boots! and they got a bunch from us. We got the boys to sign this old pair of Steel 10 eye steel toes, a customer who worked at Argonaut Liquors would buy them every 18 months or so.  He always left us with the beat up pair - we put it to good use