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Poptone - June 2017

This was pretty exciting! Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins and Diva came to our shop to help us celebrate our stores 30th anniversary.  We had a huge turnout with all the Bauhaus, Love & Rockets and Tones on Tail fans. The band signed stuff and took pictures with everyone who showed - totally RAD!  They were in town playing at the Gothic theatre just up the street.  The show was 'an American Dream' come true.


This was cool - and like i said, where do rock stars get their gear?  Right here at FashioNation.  We hooked up the boys with Dr. Martens and a badass Tripp jacket!

A Bigger Splash!

Daniel and Kevin were very gracious in taking time with their fans who showed up for the signing!  The crazy stuff people brought in to get autographed!! WTF!! Bubblemen dolls, jackets, guitars, records, even cassettes.  It made for an interesting day for sure!