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Covenant - April 2018

This band rocks doc's!  Eskil Simonsson said he has been after this hard to find Made in the UK 8 eyelet OX blood, guess where he found them... yep,  and Daniel Myer was after some of the new "light" DM's, we had them too!  The was the second time Covenant was in our shop, Eskil promised to visit us again, he said next time it won't take 15 years to come back!

Haujobb - September 2007

Daniel Myer of Haujobb came to the shop, he signed Cd & met with fans, cool day.  They have a cool electro-industerial - ambient & techno sound (with store kid Liz)  

Haujobb & Velvet Acid Christ

this was a few years before, Daniel Myer - Haujobb and old friend of the shop Velvet Acid Christ -  Bryan Erickson just didn't want his photo taken :)