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Rock Stars at FashioNation

This page is dedicated to all the Bad Ass bands and visitors to our shop over the years.  There's been so many of them and there is so many stories.  I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and I hope you get a feeling of what this store and our story is all about, thanks for checking it out - paul    - Al Jourgensen - Ministry - We've had so many great times with Al Jourgensen and all the boys in Ministry.  They have come by the shop a bunch of times.   Here is our favorite photo from one of Al's past visits.

Ministry - April 2022

Fu*k that pandemic,- it's time to Rock & Roll again!  Great to have Ministry come back to the shop, Al was really focused in (never seen him so sharp, and he looked great) the band just flat out rocked the show at Mission Ballroom and Al's wife Liz, she's just wonderful, she embraced our kids like a sister  can't wait till next time!

Martin Atkins - Pil, NiN, Revco, Ministry, Pigface

 Martin Atkins came by the shop, Riveting Music was doing an interview with him. Martin was in town for a DJ gig at REQUIEM.  He's has been a part of so many of our favorite bands over the years Pil, NiN, Revco, Ministry, Pigface...  he signed up all our records and had rad stories about the big Revco show at the gothic!

Pigface - August 2019

a space was needed for an interview with Martin Atkins. He was in town for a Dj gig at Tracks Denver, how could we say no! After hanging out with him we found him to be really one of the good guys!  He's been in so many of our favorite bands! Martin signed up all our vinyl he was a part of :)  - can't wait till he returns to Denver!

Same Old Madness!

does it get any better than this?  Al Jourgensen & first lady of Ministry, liz rock'n OUR Dr Martens, 14 eye black and 14 eye Vondas - on a freak'n CAMEL!!

Ministry - November 2018

incredible day and night with Al Jourgensen & Ministry  the Colorado connection is real, after the show Pam & I hung out with him and his sweetheart liz along with some high school friends of Al's, learned a lot about him, crazy, he went to UNC same time as my brother Rich, mutual friends.. small world.  keyboardist - John Bechdel was Rad, he took time & photos with customers in the shop, good dude..

Revolting Cocks - Signature Wall

"Who's your favorite Cock?".. we'll i'm not going there, but it was RAD to have Paul & Chris sign the wall + Paul Barker gave us a cool autograph on our "Jesus Built My Hotrod" motor oil.  I got Ministry's Al Jourgensen to sign it on his first visit to the store back in 2004.

Ministry - May 2015

You Know What You Are?  Well I know what Al is...  He's crazy, over the top nuts, friendly & fun - everything you dream about in a Rock Star.  He's blasted my ears & lit my dance floors on fire in every club i've been a part of.  Huge fan, i've loved him since i saw him at the Rainbow in '83 

Ministry - Rock Star Boot

Ministry Loves FashioNation!!  ya, i'm good with that, really really good with that!

Ministry - June 2012

Big day here, We were celebrating our 25th Anniversary of our retail store 'FashioNation' opening.  I reached out to Ministry as they have been such a big part of our Rock Star fun.  I asked them to do a record signing and they were totally down for it!  Ministry gave out some super cool posters + signed them and records & all the other stuff people brought in.  We had hundreds of fans through the door that day.  Local rock radio station (KBPI) did a remote from the front of the shop.  Pretty Kick Ass time with Al & the boys