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The Untouchables - January 2020

The Untouchables in the shop!!  Considered the first American Ska band, i've been listening to them since 'Free Yourself' was released back in 1984.  cool band, even better guys! 

Gabriel Gonzalez in the shop!

Gabriel plays horns for the Untouchables but also was one of the founding members of No Doubt!  kind'a cool to have him in the shop!

The Untouchables - Rock Star Boot

The Untouchables - Los Angeles Jerry and the gang did a meet & greet at the shop this week before their show at The Oriental Theater.  the boys all signed up this classic 'Made in the UK' 8 eye Dr. Martens left to us by good friend of the shop Leo Cassil.  These boots were well loved for 4 years every day - he said he was returning them to "Valhalla" (Norse Mythology where those who have died in battle/war go to)  I kind of liked that..