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Front Line Assembly - November 2017

This day could not have been any better!.. We asked Front Line Assembly's Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber to do a record signing at the store, they said time was short but asked us to come pick them up at the airport along with the guys from Revolting Cocks!  On the way back we stopped by the shop for a visit, we set them up with Dr. Martens and they set us up with tickets and a bunch of autographs!!

Front Line Assembly - Rock Star Boot

Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber added to the collection!  My daughter grew out of these Classic old Uk made Dr. Martens.  I took them from her closet for the boys to sign! - it's not like she could still wear them... ;)

Front Line Assembly - 1996, 1998

Front Line Assembly - Bill Leeb has come by the shop twice.  Once with Chris Peterson, another time Rhys Fulber.  Both times it was something special.

Front Line Assembly - Signature Wall 1996

FLA '96 - INDUSTRIAL TEKNO DEATH - Front Line Assembly signed our wall of Fame!  Bill Leeb was in the shop alone when we noticed who it was!  I asked for his autograph, he then stepped out and brought back to our surprise Rhys Fulber to make his mark!!   

Front Line Assembly - Signatures

Bill Leeb signed a bunch of our records including a Delerium record signature, "the bigger the boot, the louder the noise" - pretty awesome autograph for a shoe store...

Front Line Assembly - Signature Wall 1998

[FLA]vor is Weak tour  - Bill Leeb, Chris Peterson in the shop, on the wall!

Front Line Assembly - Dr. Martens

Rock Stars got to get their gear somewhere! - we were able to set the boys up (Bill Leeb & Chris Peterson) with 8 eye Black Dr. Marten boots