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The Mission UK - October 2002

The guys from The Mission came in, ( I just can't call them The Mission UK, my vinyl doesn't have the UK on it )  We got Dr. Martens to set them up with kick ass 14 eyes.  They were great to hang out with and during the show that night at the Bluebird.  Wayne gave us a shout out from stage!  sweet!  Isn't it cool when your heroes do cool shit!

The Mission - Rock Star Boot

For our collection, the boys all signed up this Underground Exposed steel toe ( we sold tons of these back in the day) 

The Mission UK - Signature Wall

Wayne left us some ink!

The Mission UK - them boyz!

 Rob Holiday went on to play with Gary Numan, Prodigy and Marilyn Manson.  Scott Garrett was in God Lives Underwater and played with the Cult