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Peter Hook & the Light - September 2013

What!  Peter Hook in our shop??  YES!  The Super Bad Ass bass player from Joy Division & New Order, ya, that's the one.  Peter was in Denver playing with his band The Light, covering classic albums from J-D and N-O.  We sent them a note asking them to stop by the shop back in 2011 but didn't hear back, then 2 years later out of the blue we got an email asking if the offer was still open as they were returning to Denver.  We met them at the airport and took them straight to FashioNation.  We traded boots for tickets to the show!  just another day at the shop?..  not even close

Dreams Never End - Rock'n our Shirt!

On stage that night at the Gothic, Peter IS rock'n our FashioNation logo shirt on stage!  He asked me if i would like to introduce the band on stage, i declined, it was more than enough just to have them in the store.