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Suicide Commando - October 2017

Johan van Roy and the boys stopped as they hit town.  Suicide Commando was playing The Oriental that night. Friend of the shop - Ajay Ritual was the promoter for the show, he brought them by to say hi!   It was cool to see them call out all their friends in the different bands on our Rock Star wall.

Suicide Commando - Rock Star Boot

Suicide Commando here at the shop!! - i'll take that, cool day, cool guys!  - this 14 eye black Dr. Marten boots was donated back to the shop from a longtime customer, he buys a new pair every 18 months, he wanted them to go up on the Rock Star Boot collection.  (don't let people tell you the Asian doc's suck, every stitch held, eyelets are perfect. the sole is worn out, but that happens to the UK versions too..)