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Martin Atkins - Pil, NiN, Revco, Ministry, Pigface

 Martin Atkins came by the shop, Riveting Music was doing an interview with him. Martin was in town for a DJ gig at REQUIEM.  He's has been a part of so many of our favorite bands over the years Pil, NiN, Revco, Ministry, Pigface...  he signed up all our records and had rad stories about the big Revco show at the gothic!

Public Image Ltd. - November 2015

Not often you get to Meet one's Maker - We got to.. John Lydon & PIL were playing the Gothic up the street from the shop.  We were in on the promotion with a ticket giveaway and a meet & greet for the show.  (we tried to get the band in the shop but no luck sometimes you just can't get through to the right person) So with the meet & greet i asked if my wife Pam and I could go to it thinking 2 more people wouldn't make be any big deal... It was...   Little did i know there were only the 2 people that won the Meet & Greet from our store and 2 more from Twist & Shout (another legendary Denver record store)  This was a crazy, personal, intimate party after the show that i will treasure forever.  I mean, PBR's with Johnny fuck'n Rotten, ya, that happened