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Public Image Ltd. - November 2015

Not often you get to Meet one's Maker - We got to.. John Lydon & PIL were playing the Gothic up the street from the shop.  We were in on the promotion with a ticket giveaway and a meet & greet for the show.  (we tried to get the band in the shop but no luck sometimes you just can't get through to the right person) So with the meet & greet i asked if my wife Pam and I could go to it thinking 2 more people wouldn't make be any big deal... It was...   Little did i know there were only the 2 people that won the Meet & Greet from our store and 2 more from Twist & Shout (another legendary Denver record store)  This was a crazy, personal, intimate party after the show that i will treasure forever.  I mean, PBR's with Johnny fuck'n Rotten, ya, that happened