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Top it off!

Al Jourgensen's signature Top Hat you say?  yep.. it came from our shop :)

Just one Fix!

We "Fixed" the boys up with gear form our favorite vendors, Lip Service (R.I.P. Drew) Dr. Martens and TUK shoes.   Al said he wanted to make them a "commercial", so he got the boys together for these shots!

Ministry - April 2008

Al Jourgensen brought the whole crew in this time and it was awesome! Sin, John Bechel, Aaron Rossi, Burton Bell.  They were playing that night at The Fillmore with MegaDeth.

Burton Bell

We were psyched to meet Burton Bell.  He fronts Fear Factory and he was one of Ministry Boys on this tour.  We were showing him Dr. Martens and to our surprise he knew EVERYTHING about the brand.  Back in the day he worked for NaNa shoes in Los Angeles.  They were the coolest of the Rock & Roll footwear suppliers.  Burton chose 14 eye steel toes, like i said he knew everything about the brand, wise choice

Always an Angel There - Al & Mia

One of my favorite photos from over the years at the shop.  Al & my daughter Mia.  We have a cotton candy machine in our kids shop Babysitter's Nightmare.  Mia loves to make and hand it out - Cotton Candy for Al!!

Ministry - September 2004

The was the first of what turns out to be many times we have had the pleasure of the boys from Ministry at FashioNation.  They all came in during the 'Evil Doer Tour', the show was at The Ogden.  They blast American Industrial Metal better than anyone!

Destroy Us, Or Make Us Saints - Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen wanted Big boot and he got Big boots!  They don't go any taller than 30 eyes.  We set him up with Underground Boots from the UK.  All the guys were Rocking our footwear that night, Gripfast, TUK,  Doc's - I always say "rockstars have to get their gear somewhere"  and we're definitely one of those places!  Where did you get YOUR boots...?

Rowdy Al!

Al's blasted my ears & lit my dance floors on fire in every club i've been a part of. Huge fan, i've loved him since i saw him at the Rainbow in '83 - he's crazy over the top nuts, friendly and fun - everything you dream about in a Rock Star

Ministry - With Sympathy

As with so many Ministry fans, I got started with the band back in 83 with this - With Sympathy (aka Work for Love) this particular record is the UK import version (different title, same songs, different order). I asked Al about it.. he said "he sold out before he sold anything..." he wasn't very proud of it.  it was cool he signed it up for me, it's a treasure in my collection