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Killing Joke - Rock Star Boot

killer Post Punk band, Killing Joke: Official autographed this after their show at The Oriental Theater, they were cool to sign all our vinyl as well!!!  another Bad Ass boot for our collection!!  this was my boot from the day,  it's a super rare size 10.5 Dr. Martens, in the 1990's we were able to special order half sizes, Dr. Martens let us get them but we were not allowed to advertise the half sizes. they may of had them in the UK, but in the USA this was unheard of..

Simple Minds - Rock Star Boot

Jim Kerr signed this boot up for our ROCK STAR boot collection and we could not be happier. We've been saving this 13 eye that WE designed for our 13th anniversary back in the day (embossed with our name).  An old customer brought this pair back to us, he wasn't going to wear them any longer and said they needed to 'come back home'

B-52's - Rock Star Boot

We got Kate Pierson & Fred Schneider to sign this cool old Tred-Air 10 eye flame boot!  a "hot one' for the boot collection ;) O and Fred gave us a sweet "Dang" on his autograph, i can hear him saying that now!!

Thompson Twins - Rock Star Boot

thanks Tom !

Orgy - Rock Star Boot

Amir Derakh from Orgy, Julien-K in the shop!!!  he signed up an old pair of Steel boots donated by Alberto Rizo for the boot collection!!  super cool from the both of you!!

Book of Love - Rock Star Boot

a little love from Book of Love , Susan & Ted Ottaviano signed up this super old classic 7 eye during their Meet & Greet held at our shop before their sold out show at Herman's Hideaway. The boot was donated to our Rockstar boot collection by Christine, she bought these Dr. Martens from us back in the early 90's 

Covenant - Rock Star Boot

More boots for the collection!  Old friend of the shop Christine brought back a super old pair of 7 eye pointy toe Dr. Martens from about 1991. This was one of our top selling boots for years! It was cool to have them back in the shop and even cooler to have Covenant  sign them up for us!

Clan of Xymox - Rock Star Boot

When the boys from Xymox stopped in the shop we had them sign up a super old Uk made 10 eye Dr. Marten.  An old customer bought back in the early 90's and wanted them added to the Rock Star Boot collection. I asked the band to sign the boot and they jumped right in.  It was cool how much fun they had doing all the logos and all - this is my new favorite in the collection!

VNV Nation - Rock Star Boot

"Victory Not Vengeance" - Ronan Harris of VNV Nation signed up a cool old Dr. Marten boot for the collection. He was here in Denver for a Dj set at Milkbar

Revolting Cocks - Rock Star Boot

The Revolting Cocks Boot, this one in the collections is kind'a cool. It has bad ass Chris Connelly & Paul Barker also all the guys from the later Revco version of the band.  Richard 23 (also in Front 242) was the last to sign this, he blasted a sweet "No Devotion" autograph, and that just rocks! and now - just added Martin Atkins