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Front Line Assembly - Rock Star Boot

Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber added to the collection!  My daughter grew out of these Classic old Uk made Dr. Martens.  I took them from her closet for the boys to sign! - it's not like she could still wear them... ;)

The Chameleons - Rock Star Boot

Mark from the Chameleons signed up this Dr. Marten boot for the collection. WE designed this for our 13th anniversary -  Dr. Martens allowed us to special order our design, we chose 13 large eyelets purple laces with red stitching on a black BEX sole,  you can't see it, but the side of the boot is embossed with our logo.  FashioNation had 144 pair made, this particular boot was purchased by a customer back in 2000 and just recently brought back to the shop to get added into our Rock Star Boot collection

Faith No More - Rock Star Boot

We Care A Lot - about our boot collection and we were psyched to have Chuck from Faith No More sign this 14 eye DM up!  Another recycled boot from our past, long time customer left it with us after replacing them, he wanted them 'in the collection' well.. he got it! thanks!

Violent Femmes - Rock Star Boot

as i was saying one an earlier post, a customer brought this pair of rare Harlequin Dr. Martens boot back to us that he purchased in the early 90's - he asked us to add them to our Rock Star boot collection and to do something special with them..well.. the Violent Femmes on the right foot, the Cure on the left.  What a pair!!

Lisa Loeb - Rock Star Boot

- A little one for the collection!  We had a blast with Lisa Loeb when she came in for some dress shopping.  We had her sign this apple green patent leather kids Dr. Martens boot, little did we know she had just released a children's record - kind'a cool!

The Koffin Kats - Rock Star Boot

Psychobilly signatures on this old Greasy 8 eye Dr. Marten from NaNa! thanks guys!

The Cure - Rock Star Boot

Founding member of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst signed this Super cool and incredibly rare harlequin 8 eye Dr. Marten for our collection.  He stopped in during his book tour for Cured: Two Imaginary boys.  The Doc 8 eye boot was brought back to us by a customer who purchased it back in the 1990's - he asked us to do something special with the pair, I can't think of anything more Bad Ass than this!

Tears for Fears - Rock Star Boot

This rare John Fluevog Dr. Marten Wingtip boot was made a little more special with them being autographed by Tears for Fears.  Another Soul for the boot collection, these were purchased back in the early 1990's at our shop and were brought back to us in hopes to make into the Rock Star collection.  Well they made it in a big way!  ( thanks Michael )

The Specials - Rock Star Boot

More boots for the collection  The boys from The Specials signed up this vintage pair of Fluevog Dr. Martens.. there is probably only a few stores in the US that even knew Fluevog used DM soles...  and yes, they are from our shop!

Happy Mondays - Rock Star Boot

Step on you! Some sweet Manchester soul for out boot collection!  Thanks Paul, you're one Bad Ass dude!